16th July 2014: Launch of Soteria

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Tenon Group of Companies announced the launch of a new proactive security surveillance company called “Soteria” based in Gurgaon, India. Soteria has the capability of providing its clients in India and around the world with an active surveillance service capable of stopping or preventing unwanted events rather than simply monitoring them passively. Using purpose designed technology and software supported by IBM & GVD, Soteria gives its clients actionable intelligence based on the continuous monitoring of a desired and defined environment and through video analysis and other sensory detection is capable of actioning a physical response to investigate or control a situation. The system is able to accept customized instructions based on specific and individual preferences and has applications for security or environmental concerns, utility management and a range of other desired services. Trials of the system have been highly successful and Soteria is now providing the service to its first customers in India and also expects to build an international presence for the service in the UK and USA

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