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company profile

The Tenon group is a trusted source for a wide range of security and facilities management services. With a wealth of experience and support strengthening our name, we are world class providers of genuine solutions in this field. Our organisation creates secure and efficient work environments for our clientele, some of the largest and most respected blue-chip and home-grown companies in both private and public sectors worldwide. We deliver cost-effective security measures to protect locations, facilities, personnel, and equipment.

We take pride in our investment in training and our multifaceted services ensure that we provide the best possible security with the use of cutting-edge technology. We place utmost importance on safety and take great measures to check and daunt invaders from accessing important areas. The ordeal can be as simple as placement of security personnel in a premise; upgrading physical locker access and having reliable check point systems for enhanced security.

Feel at ease with the smooth running of your business. Our services guarantee increase in operational efficiencies for your entire organisation with zero need for outsourcing.

  • ➜ High Standards of Service Delivery
  • ➜ Single Window Delivery Accountability
  • ➜ Cost Efficient – High Quality Control and Management Service
  • ➜ Site specific, Man & Machine Combined Optimized Solutions
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