The Tenon Advantage

Tenon Group companies are conceptualized on the model of “Self Performance” (Accountability, Ownership, Value and Retention) – This is the cutting edge with Tenon, as the management and work force are from the same organization – nothing is outsourced. Besides being “One Stop Shop Single Window Solution” Tenon Group’s In-house model is a cost effective delivery model which marginalizes and curtail the different layers of Management fee to bare minimum level as compared to other IFM Companies. At Tenon Group we do not outsource any work and do it in-house; which leads our clients to a cost and delivery advantage in absolute terms.

Understanding the effect that facility management and security has on the profitability and performance of your business is at the heart of everything we do. Our approach to goes well beyond traditional service models because we’re focused on creating value for and building long term relationships with our clients.

Whether it’s a local, regional or national assignment, we deliver insight, experience, intelligence and top notch resources to optimise our clients’ businesses.
The Company Advantage

  • ➜ Financially Stable Company – Rated by Crisil
  • ➜ KPMG, E&Y & Deloitte Rated us amongst Top 4 Companies in India
  • ➜ High Service Delivery Standards
  • ➜Over 400 Years of Cumulative Leadership Experience


The Service Advantage

  • ➜ Cost Efficiency
  • ➜ Value Added Services
  • ➜ No Outsourcing
  • ➜ Quality Control and Regular Checks
  • ➜ Single Window Delivery Accountability
  • ➜ Man and Machine Combined Optimised Solutions
  • ➜ Wide Range and Reach of Service Delivery
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